Recent Sermons

Whenever possible, we record the sermons preached during our services. Copies of the recordings, in mp3 format, are usually available from this page for 90 days from the date of preaching, often with powerpoint slides too. For older sermons, or those without recordings, please see our archive page. For details of forthcoming sermons, see our monthly newsletters.

Sermons from our online services are also available in video format. The videos can be found on the individual service pages, listed on the main services page.

Many, though not all, of our sermons are grouped into series following a particular theme — see our list of sermon series. In the list below, sermons which are part of a series are indicated.

Please note that there may be a short delay between the preaching and the publishing of each sermon, and occasionally sermon recordings are unavailable due to technical difficulties or at the preacher's request.


See our new YouTube channel for videos of sermons/readings from our online services.